Livity Movements Set to Release Kabaka Pyramid Mix CD 'THE LYRICIST' @Kabakapyramid @DestineM​edia

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Known for his unique and creative DJ-ing style it is no surprise that Dev Kutta of Livity Movements was selected to mastermind the official mix CD for Kabaka Pyramid 'The Lyricist'.

Titled 'The Lyricist' the mix CD showcases the talent and lyrical ability of Kabaka Pyramid who has been recently dubbed the conscious revolutionary lyricist.

Hailing from Kingston, Jamaica Kabaka Pyramid unique musical style blending the power, energy and melody of Reggae with the lyricism of Hip Hop, resonates throughout this mix CD.  

"When coming up with the title it was so simple, because whenever listening to Kabaka Pyramid I always say he is 'The Truth' or a real Lyricist. So I didnt want to impose my views by calling the mix 'The Truth' I will let the listeners be the judge, but you cant deny that he is 'The Lyricist' says Dev Kutta of Livity Movements. 

Throughout the CD you will hear excerpts of Kabaka Pyramid discussing different views on Reggae music and Rastafari, which brings a level of insight into the mind and talent of the artist Kabaka Pyramid. 

He is an ever evolving artist that has numerous ways of expressing his creativity and that is definitely highlighted throughout this Mix CD. 

The Mix CD 'The Lyricist' will be released on Tuesday November 18, 2014.
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