New Music: Richie Ft. JSwag - Fete N Like Jumbie (Soca 2015) @starbwoy_richie

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As Carnival 2015 is coming closer & closer and the parties & fetes are heating up with great soca music overflowing the airwaves, Two new artist from Central Trinidad are bringing that vibe to the people in the way they feel it as they release one of their new hits that just makes you feel to jump & wave and count down the days until carnival while you experience the soca blood running through your veins.

The name of the track is "Fete'N Like Jumbie" sung by Richie & JSwag and Produced by the young & talented Keston "Swaggakidd" Jacob.  

The name alone explains the track as they describe the experiences of oneself when carnival is in the air - nonstop partying Sunday to Sunday. Anyone who is a party maniac can easily relate to the song and for those who are not,well, listening to it might just turn you into one. 

If you know you love to fete and nobody cant stop you form enjoying your self make this your C2K15 anthem and fete sunday to sunday cause you are a FETE JUMBIE because NOW IS FETE'N TIME!!!!!!!!!!

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