Precision Productions and Kahblis Declare “Diz My Ting” for Carnival 2015!

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For some it may be attending every single band launch, others are pure feters, and for many more it is being in the Savannah for Panorama. Each Carnival lover has a specific list of events that he or she must be a part of every year; and when asked why, the quick retort is always, "Diz My Ting"!  

In this latest release The Seventh Wing alongside Akeem "Preedy" Chance and Stephanas "Steffy" Ramgattie of WeMAD lightheartedly reveal the pleasure experienced year after year as participants indulge in their individual festival rituals. 

Conceptualised in a recent writing camp hosted by Precision Productions, the bouncy track has a mesmerising bass line, which entices listeners into executing the kind of memorable moves that instantly go viral on Youtube. 

It may be his first time working with team Precision but Keron "Kahblis" George more than holds his own, singing this true to life depiction with unrepentant zeal. He stamps his musical signature as his vivid vocal expressions stir up golden memories of seasons past and tease imaginations with the hope of even more thrilling times to be had in 2015. 

Kahblis - Diz My Ting
Performed by Keron "Kahblis" George
Written by The Seventh Wing, Akeem "Preedy" Chance & Stephanas "Steffy" Ramgattie of WeMAD, & Kasey Phillips
Produced & Mixed by Precision Productions
Mastered by Johann of MadMen Productions 
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