Putting Pen to Paper, Gold Recording Artist Tenza Di Boss Lady Addresses “Skin Bleaching" with “African Empress" @TenzaFoster

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Albeit meant for various skin conditions such as Vitiligo or to remove scars, skin bleaching and peeling has become a popular trend used purely for cosmetic reasons making it a multibillion-dollar industry.

Most commonly used within the black communities, skin bleaching has send the message that black is no longer beautiful.

Acclaimed recording artist Tenza Di Boss Lady has addressed this issue of “Skin Bleaching" by putting pen to paper and releasing her latest new single “African Empress".  

"It's a taboo subject, but a cruel racial hierarchy still exists in today’s society where the lighter-skinned persons, regarded as "superior" to the darker skinned; Dark skin is seen as failure; and light skin is beautiful and equates to success." stated the gold selling star.

Hailing from the beautiful island of Jamaica where skin bleaching has become a popular fashion trend, Tenza assumed that it would be a passing fad just like anything else, and never felt the need to address the issue.

However whilst in Africa on tour, she noticed that a number of young beautiful black African girls were bleaching their skin, when she asked why they were doing this they would explain that dark skin is not beautiful enough to present opportunities.  

"They are under the impression that if they bleached their skin tone then they will become more beautiful and accepted." reported an incredulous Tenza. The singer further added "It made me sad and broke my heart, but I was even more worried for their health as young black girls bleached their skin with products designed to remove stain from clothing."

Wanting to use her musical gift to inspire, Tenza composed “African Empress" with the hopes to encourage black females to be proud and embrace themselves for who they are. The song aims to uplift black women and educate them about their rich culture and heritage. A promotional video as also being shot to elaborate more about how beautiful black woman can be without skin bleaching or skin peeling.

"African Empress" was produced by Suncycle Digital and TMD Records and is available on itunes. All preceding from the sales will go towards Tenza own funded "BossLady Charity" which is geared towards early childhood education for the poor and needy.

Tenza "African Empress"

Hailing from Kempshot of Montego Bay Jamaica, Tenza A.K.A The Bosslady is a musical angel in disguise. Born and raised in a family of fifteen, which consisted of nine brothers and Five sisters, she grew up in a life of struggle and disappointment so she certainly knows how to appreciate all of her blessings that she has been given and her musical talent was definitely one of those blessings not taken for granted.

Tenza left Jamaica when she was only fourteen to reside in the UK, in the town of Slough. For Tenza it was a difficult time leaving all her friends and family to begin a whole new life in England. At first, she found it hard adjusting to the new culture especially in school.

As time went by Tenza made new friends when she started to attend the slough youth center music classes. Tenza then felt at home as she now found her joy, which is music., She started to attend dance classes, singing classes and entering competitions, put on by the slough youth center. Tenza has always retained a strong passion for Dancehall and Reggae music that was so prominent in her life.

Living the life she lived back in Jamaica, it was the empowering and highly uplifting sounds of Bob Marley, Yellow Man, Beres Hammond, Bounty Killer, Denis Brown, Lady Saw, Super Cat and Beenie Man that kept her faith and hope strong throughout all these years to make it and become what she has become today.

Overcoming many obstacles, Tenza’s skills had created an opportunity for her to become a member the electric trio ‘Fya’ - the formerly Def Jam signed female dancehall group. ‘Too Hot’ and ‘Must Be Love’ being a couple of the many hits Gold selling ‘Fya’ released. Since Tenza departed from the group FYA in 2009, she has being working very hard on her solo career.

She even started up her own record label “ TMD Records” for Tenza this was the most important decision she has ever had to make as she has been approached on countless occasions by major labels, but have turned the offers down to focus on her own label. Continue reading
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