Six Four Five (@645theband) Releases "Wey De Fete" For Carnival 2015 @MrHitzPhillip @PrecisionProd

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Remember last year? Well picture now, if you will, the confetti filled skies. Picture the smoke covered grounds. Picture the endless vibes, and the night after night after wonderful night spent with friends and lovers.

The Carnival season is upon us once again. So in their Carnival 2015 contribution, SIX FOUR FIVE™, Andrew Hitz Phillip and Precision Productions, want to ask the question that is on everyone's mind, which is simply "Wey De Fete"?.

It doesn't matter if you are a limer, feter, masquerader, vibes connoisseur or a ball of stress we all need to know "Wey De Fete". In this latest release SIX FOUR FIVE™ and Andrew Hitz Phillip bring lyrics that display the frustrations, anxiety and excitement experienced by participants looking to indulge in their ritual festivities. The track was conceptualised by the SIX FOUR FIVE™ boys on a retreat to Toco (Trinidad).

Despite their best efforts, they found themselves saying "We looking for fete. We ain't find it yet so we going up so". They took the idea to Andrew Hitz Phillip who set it on the right path by adding his signature 'Jab Jab' flair to the composition. However, the track only came into its own when Team Precision 'put the cherry on top' with beautiful melodic movements that showcased the vocal power of the Soca Star veterans.

The team has chosen to use the colourful hastag #WDF to encourage Carnivalians to participate in their vision of bringing back the POWER, fun and exuberance of Soca music which seems to be lost in a sea of groove and melodies. So if you're tired of work...ask #WDF. If you need to get in your zone...ask #WDF. If you cannot stand your own home...ask #WDF. If 2015 is your time to roam...ask #WDF. Without further ado please enjoy SIX FOUR FIVE™ - Wey De Fete.

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