TJ and Kerwin - A 'Magnetic' Collaboration! @kerwindubois @TeddysonJohn

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Teddyson John and Kerwin Dubois have collaborated for Trinidad Carnival 2015 in producing Kerwin's first tune for the 2015 season- Magnetic!

Over the years TJ has been known for his amazing work as a singer, performer and producer on the local scene; but this time he has raised the bar further by co-producing and co-writing this masterpiece with Kerwin Du Bois.  

Teddyson's contribution in the production of this piece is truly a testimony of his gift, talents and skills as a musician.

His holistic approach to music not just as an artist remains consistent with the brand 'Love.Passion.Music' in all his work.

In commenting on the collaboration TJ said "it was a privilege to work with a creative musician and being able to bring ideas together was amazing. It was a humbling experience to see how my input and imagination was genuinely respected and accepted by someone who has been in the business for so long, especially in a producer capacity. It was mutual respect that shows a certain level of maturity and reminded me to never doubt your God-given talent and potential."

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