When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong: Jamaican Beauty Queen Faces Backlash From Comments Made on Physique TV Interview

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I'm sure we're probably late but recently Physique TV released a video of their presenter Rosina Casserly, former Miss Jamaica World runner-up's holiday visit from her home country Jamaica.

In the video posted on the network's Facebook page, Casserly poked fun at the country's ongoing economic problems and the outbreak of the Chikungunya virus.
"I am not singing Bob Marley, I am not doing it. Oh my God in Jamaica they have chik-V! Ever heard about that?" she giggles.
"It's like a disease where you get arthritis, I swear to God and they made a dance for it; terrible, but that's like the only thing that's really happening there right now.
You get bitten by a mosquito - you like hobble for like three days. We also have no money, come to Jamaica, you can be poor! What else can happen if you go to Jamaica? Escaping from a robbery," she laughed.
Although the beauty Queen stated only Jamaicans will understand the humor, and her comments appeared to be made in jest, many Jamaicans were not humored and took to social media to express their distaste about her comments made about the island's current state. One comment in particular read:
Why didn't you highlight some positives instead of the negatives? This was not even funny! While others questioned whether or not she was indeed Jamaican. Some commentors also came to her defense:
I personally see no problem with it. She seems to be a true Jamaican bcuz the stuff she talks about is the truth. Our country is in so much debt that my unborn children owes money to foreign governments. Wake up ppl we're in a crisis. As someone who Is from the medical community it is a well established fact that Chik v is a disease which manifest itself with fever, rash and arthritic pains. Not only that if one has a chronic illness it makes it worst and possibly lead to death. I should know bcuz my best friend has sickle cell and contracted Chik v and died as a result of blood related complications. Check your facts! When Tessanne said on the voice that Jamaica has the worst roads on international TV almost everybody hailed her as a heroine and advocate. Yet you bash this girl. Double standard much! Remember our motto out of many one ppl.
Truth a guh hurt dem. Finally someone who tells it as it is. You can choose to lie about Jamaica being this sweet place to live, but you would be an idiot to lie to yourself and believe it. Everyone complains about crime, gun violence, corruption, PNP, JLP, mosquito, bad roads, sliding dollar, GCT being so high, police being aligned with gangs, illiteracy rate at its highest, teacher and nurses wage freeze for 3 years, hospitals not even having gauze and basic supplies, people dieing on hospital floors because of over crowding, NHT bailing out private sector ventures, over crowding of prisons, Charlie smith high have less than 30% attendance rate, more street vendors than actual tax paying businesses, Good God JPS, Kern Spencer professional light bulb salesman, bauxite industry that is failing, Haiti having a significantly stronger dollar than Jamaica, etc. I'm not writing to calling anyone a fool. Jamaicans have to stop doing the same thing and expecting a different result. If the truth offends you then your not in touch with the reality in which we live. If you want to defend your country, then defend your rights and stop accepting mediocrity from the countries leaders on both parties.
So far the beauty queen has not responded to the video backlash. 

We've embedded the video below. Do you think she was wrong to make such comments?? Let us know your thoughts.

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