Why Lee Scratch Perry Wants You To Stop Smoking Weed

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The producer who fathered reggae 40 years ago talks new music, old studios, and negative influence.

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Ganja makes you too smart? Yes, cause I smoke too much. So it was so much that I get crazy. Too much fire. [Laughs] Too much weed, so I get crazy. If you love God you would never destroy your lungs.

So it's not good to smoke anything? Nah. When you don't know, it's alright. But when you know, you know cigarette is hurting your lungs and you put your lungs to sacrifice. That mean you nail your lungs on a cross. You know it's wrong, but because it's in fashion, and you want to follow fashion, you put yourself on a cross.

When did you realize you wanted to stop smoking? Me decide to find out if it was me singing or the ganja singing. And the scribe says, if it was the ganja singing, you're gonna stop sing. It's better when me sing. If the ganja can sing, the ganja gonna take you to a height that you can't come back. And the ganja love to mix with cigarette, and me get to hate cigarette. Me was addicted to cigarettes and me start to hate it, when me discover what it is.
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