Breaking News: Fraud Charges & Civil Lawsuit Filed Against #Soca Artist Flipo & His Management Team

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Statement from Royal Fam Karel Cambell:
Please be advised that Fraud Charges and also Civil lawsuit has been filed against Flipo Known name & His Manager Seon Issac of Isaac promotions. Contracts was issued By Seon Issac for event in Toronto. Carded for December 12 2014.
Seon Issac And Seaumas Calladar are two dishonest youth and for this reason we filing a civil Lawsuit to recoup all lost & Fraud Charges is already filed with the repsected Police divisions in Toronto & Canadian Courts and next week will be filed in Trinidad courts for fraud over $5,000. These two Crooks took our company deposit and they know good and well what they was doing. They refuse to send the deposit back.
Our event was canceled for no legal reason at all. And the legal grounds for you to cancel an event because you heard form someone else that another person was involved in the event. makes no sense at all. And what legal grounds could you cancel an event knowing you have received a person deposit. 

If you cancel an event. for the dumbest reason anybody in the music business. Why don't you just send back our deposit. Why would you keep a deposit and you the the person canceling an event for no reason. The reason of us associating with another promoter..

You presented yourself to Money Gram to Collect the deposit. So you are liable for Charges of Fraud. Miss representing yourself. This promoter is far beyond Flipo and his manager career.  And its our choice to deal with anybody. no Artist or company could tell us who we could or cannot use to help promote our event. 

Along with all these charges we will be filing a defamation of caractor lawsuit also for the calling of my name on the internet in his silly video and also his manger for misrepresenting the facts of this case. This will be all filed in the courts and they will deal with them. We will be sending over Contracts so you could publish them and also Video drop for both events and also confirmation of wire that was sent to them and all monies paid...

They have alot to answer too. Copy Of Contract below:


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