Canadian Promoter Suffers Major Losses In St. Ann

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SQ Records CEO Alwin Squire aka Lucci Gabana is very upset.The Canadian business man who has Jamaican ties is angry because he was recently denied a permit to stage his Christmas street festival.

The event which is staged annually by SQ Records and Vision Newspaper was slated to take place at Club New Capp Top Bay, Discovery Bay in St Ann last Saturday.

However the festival did not take place as scheduled because the police refused to issue a permit for the staging of the event. 

“I think it’s rather unfortunate that for no valid reason we were denied the permit to stage the festival. I paid out at least $70,000 in fees to get all the necessary licenses and permits to promote and stage this festival. 

The only thing that we needed to proceed with the event was the permit from the police. We did everything that we were supposed to do but we were denied the permit, despite several applications” “In addition to all those fees I’ve lost $10,000 Canadian dollars in production fees airfare and hotel fees. We’ve staged this event successfully for the past two years. 

We have never had any issues with the law, the event has never suffered any incidents of violence or anything like that. So I do not see the reason why the permit was denied,” said Lucci Gabana. According to Lucci Gabana the festival is held annually to help the kids in the parish and to attract visitors to the island. “We are really sad that we didn’t get to go ahead with the event. 

We don’t do this to make money, we do it for the people in the community. Every year we give away barrels of school supplies, books, clothes and wrapped Christmas gifts for the kids in the community. This is something that is done by my spouse Samantha Deschamps, UK based DJ Catman, Vision Newspaper and S-Q Records. 

We do it from our hearts because we love the children and want to help with their development. The event also helps to attract visitors from Canada to the island, because the festival promoted heavily in Toronto and other parts of Canada,” he said.
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