Demarco Responds To Jamaica Gleaner's STING 2014 STUNG' Article

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An article published in the Sunday edition (December 28th) of the Jamaica Gleaner titled ‘Sting 2014 Stung’ which aims to review the events that unfolded at the STING concert held at Jam World, Portmore, St. Catherine on Boxing Day appears to have erred as it relates to what transpired between international recording artiste Demarco and aspiring talent Masicka, and as such True Gift Entertainment (TGE) would like to use this forum to add some clarity.
According to the Gleaner article:
“A backstage confrontation reportedly involving members of the entourages of recording artistes Demarco and Masicka was the first clear sign of the trouble which seemed to be brewing all night. Persons had to run for cover as bottles were hurled during the face-off. Explosions, believed to be gunfire, were heard, but up to late yesterday there was no word from the police as to what had transpired.

"There is no personal animosity between Demarco and me, it is just that things got out of hand with our entourages, and the situation got out of control. I was not the aggressor.

"I was backstage when Demarco walked over to me and asked me 'wah yu a deal wid?' Mi ansa that ah music mi a deal wid, and say why yu neva come up on the stage and face me that time then, why now?' Anyway, mi and him reason and we seal it up with a lion paw.

"Mi see him dawg dem come back and start circle mi car. Then Demarco forward again, but everybody tense, and then mi see a knife draw, people start tussle, fist a throw, and then two shots were fired, and everybody scatter, stampede gwaan and dem ting deh ... mi just defend myself because mi a street yute,"added Masicka.

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