Gage Aka The Burning Sun Set To Deliver At Christmas Extravaganza & Defeat Tommy Lee At Sting 2014 @gage_almighty

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Fast rising Dancehall sensation Gage aka the Burning Sun is gearing up to deliver an exciting performance at Boom GT’s Christmas Extravaganza. It will be his first appearance on the prestigious stage show, which is held annually on Christmas Day at Independence Park in Black River, St. Elizabeth.

In a recent interview Gage, who is slated to clash with Tommy Lee at Sting 2014 on Boxing Day said he plans to deliver a great performance for his fans in St. Elizabeth.

“I plan to deliver an exceptional performance at Christmas Extravaganza. It will be my first time on the show and I plan to deliver my very best for my fans in St. Elizabeth, said Gage.  According to Gage he plans to end 2014 on a high note which also means defeating Tommy Lee at Sting.

“Right now I’m the most talked about new Dancehall act in the business and I plan to end the year on a very high note. That means after I thrill my fans at Christmas Extravaganza I’ll be heading to Sting the next day to slaughter Tommy Lyrically and take the Sting crown,” said the artist.

Gage is currently enjoying strong rotation with a number of hits, including Throat, Kitty Kat Pet Store, Two Idiot, Bad Chick, Rock To The Bar, Kitty Kat and Bad Man War Dirty. “My songs are getting a lot of love all over the world. Right now Throat is the biggest Dancehall tune in places like Panama, Trinidad and Guyana. I have to big up all the DJs and selectors who are playing my songs. Gage the Burning Sun is the hottest Dancehall act on the planet. I’m going to prove it to the fans at Christmas Extravaganza and Sting.”
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