Gage: Tommy Lee Done Dead A Ready

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Things are heating up on the local music scene as the war of words continue to escalate between Gage and Tommy Lee, leading up to their much hyped clash at Sting 2014. Gage aka the Burning Sun is confident that he will emerge the victor on Boxing Day.

“Tommy Lee a try style man bout Kartel shave Gage and him a go tun mi inna range, a dat mi hear sey him sey pon On Stage. Well mi have news fi him, him done dead already, Tommy Lee dead already.

It a go be a musical massacre pon Boxing Day. Mi Nuh fraid him, mi a go bury him and Alkaline. Dem nuh ready fi clash wid mi, dem nuh reach mi levels a mi a di Burning Sun.”

Gage recently fired a lyrical salvo titled Two Idiot in response to Tommy Lee’s dis track titled Bad Man Dawg. “Tommy Lee drop a idiot tune bout him a diss man, but mi nuh fraid a him cause him a idiot. Just listen di tune weh mi do fi him and Alkaline, di two a dem a idiot.

Dem Need fi stop call up mi name.” Gage who recently performed to packed venues in Guyana, Panama and Trinidad & Tobago also boasted that he is the now the most popular act in Dancehall Music.

“Right now, every weh yuh go inna di Caribbbean and South America a mi a di most popular Dancehall artist. The fans are requesting me all over the world Europe, the US and Africa, all over di world di people dem sey a just Beng. A mi run things now, Tommy Lee and Akaline fi know sey a di Burning Sun time now” said the artist.

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