@IrishandChin Sound Chat Radio Hits Jamaica for the Holidays

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The explosive Sound Chat Radio talk program, with hosts Garfield "Chin" Bourne and Rohan "Ninja Crown" Henry, is headed to Jamaica for the Holidays!

Producers Irish and Chin have announced that their popular, syndicated show will return to Jamaica for a second year of holiday coverage, offering their worldwide listening audience with top notch event features, live radio broadcasts and exclusive interviews. Sound Chat Radio will showcase the best in sound system and dancehall entertainment that Jamaica has to offer during the holiday season, streaming live on Irishandchin.com .

Currently syndicated on 22 radio and Internet stations across four countries including the U.S., Spain, Gambia and the U.K., the Sound Chat Radio talk program is centered on preserving sound system culture and keeping the Caribbean diaspora abreast of the social and entertainment happenings in Jamaica. 

Through specialized program content, which highlights the intricate role that sound systems have played in music, Sound Chat preserves the sound system culture. In addition to it's unique content, Sound Chat also thrives in popularity because of it's no nonsense approach to attacking social issues and topics that the average show does not want to address. An overwhelming number of sounds and artists tune into Sound Chat weekly, among fans and music lovers, to soak in the specialized coverage and topics.

"We bring the show to Jamaica for the last two weeks of every year so that our listeners can feel the holiday energy and vibe from Jamaica....it also gives listeners a rare opportunity to hear artists, who may not be able to travel outside of Jamaica," says Garfield "Chin" Bourne.

"One of the highlights of our coverage is that the interviews are done in an unorthodox manner...at any given time, multiple artists and sound me can be in the studio sharing their views on a multiple topic," Chin adds.

Utilizing their Jamaica based office and studio, Irish and Chin will invite numerous special entertainment guests to join Sound Chat for continuous live broadcasts. Listeners can anticipate hearing rare interviews that hone in on sound system and dancehall culture, live deejay sessions on the mic, music from special guest selectors and sounds and much more. Through these efforts and stellar event coverage, Sound Chat will give listeners a true taste of a "yard style" Christmas.

Just three years old, the Sound Chat Radio talk program has become one of the industry's leading shows of it's kind, attracting thousands of worldwide listeners weekly. The show has also become a home to high profile radio clashes with some of the biggest and best sounds in the arena. Because of Sound Chat's overwhelming success, Irish and Chin has launched the 24 Sound Chat Radio Network, with top notch programming, which highlights sound system culture! Launched only two weeks ago, the new program "International Roll Out Wednesdays" with sounds from all over the world, already has the industry buzzin'!

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