Island Records Co-Founder and Jamaican Music Engineer Graeme Goodall Dead at 82

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From his involvement in the earliest Jamaican singles to have impacted international markets to his co-founding role in Island Records, Australian-born engineer Graeme Goodall, was a pivotal, if somewhat overlooked, figure in the development of Jamaica’s music industry. Goodall died of natural causes at his Atlanta home on December 4th; he was 82. Born in Melbourne, in 1932, Goodall worked for several AM radio stations in Australia as an audio engineer before traveling to London in the mid-'50s where he trained (as an engineer) at the International Broadcasting Company (IBC), then Britain’s largest independent recording studio. In the mid-'50s, Redifussion London offered Goodall a three-year contract in Jamaica to help design and install the first commercial FM service on the island (then a British colony) as Radio Jamaica Rediffusion (RJR).   

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