Kalado (@OfficialKalado) Signs Off On A Great Year With "Hard Knock Life"

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The deejay who has made the biggest strides for 2014, Kalado, is determined to end the year on a musical high, and predictions are that his latest single, the vibrant “Hard Knock Life”, is the ideal way to do so.

Once again, the “Sex Compliment” singer has teamed up with Dre Day Productions for a song that is overflowing with reality and snugly set on a riddim that complements the lyrics and sustains the flow. The backdrop for “Hard Knock Life” is prison and the single details the harsh reality of existence in a place that “no mek fi dog”, as Kalado says, quoting from a Jamaican proverb.

But while the song lyrics are introspective, the riddim is so infectious that it is impossible to listen to it without moving to the beat and recognizing that molecule of hope amid the hopelessness. Kalado says that this song forms part of a special Christmas present to his fans, whose support has been instrumental in him having such an awesome year.

The year 2014 has seen many firsts for the young deejay, who did his first Reggae Sumfest; his first overseas reggae festival – Montreal International Reggae Festival; enjoyed a number one summer single with “Personally”; had his first visit to the Motherland and headlined his first official show in Toronto. Additionally, the “Good Good Bring Life” singer consistently delivered singles which had far-reaching impact on radio in the clubs and at dances. Among the singles were “Love The Life You Live”, “Living The Life”, “House Party”, “Rave Till Sunlight”, “Personally”, “Body Nuh Dead”, “Make Me Feel”, “Mi Money Good”, “Paper Trail” “Step Out”, “Sad Streets”, “Pree Money”, “Pay Dem No Mind” and “Take A Ride”.

“It has been a great year,” a beaming Kalado declared. “Of course, there have been challenges and disappointments … like the cancellation of the European tour at the last minute, but these are some of the things that help to keep us grounded and help to build character. Life is not always smooth sailing. But I have to give thanks for the successes of 2014 and this would not have been possible without my fans and my team. This year, our goal was to build Kalado and set a solid foundation which will enable us to make money next year and in the years to come,” the “Pree Money” artiste explained.

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