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Fast rising Reggae singer Danette Mahabeer aka Lady Genius is very serious about her career. “I’m serious about what I’m doing, right now I’m building a solid foundation for a long and successful career in music.

I believe in hard work, there’s no other way to make it in the music business, if one wants to be successful, you have to work hard and smart.” Over the last few months she has been very busy working on a number of projects.

So far she has released a handful of singles which includes her breakthrough hit Suitcase, Hurt You ft. Anthony Malvo, Stay and Nah Stop Try.  “I’m getting a lot of positive feedback about all my songs, especially Suitcase.”

Lady Genius has also released supporting music videos for Suitcase and Stay. Both videos are currently enjoying heavy rotation on a number of local and international TV stations.  “I am happy with the response my videos are getting.

So far they are getting a lot of airplay and the fans love them. Everywhere I go people come to me and tell me they love my video for Suitcase or they love my video for Stay. It’s a really wonderful feeling to know my fans love what I’m doing,” said Lady Genius.

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