Machel Montano Joins Bollywood Stars In Scandalous @machelmontano

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From Monday, December 8, T&T will again feature as the backdrop to another international feature-length movie as filming begins on Scandalous, starring soca star Machel Montano, actress Natalie Perera and Bollywood star Kabir Bedi.

A Bollywood-style Caribbean musical, Scandalous puts Montano in a romantic role as Lee de Leon, a singer who finds himself entranced with Anita Panchouri, the doting daughter of a deep in debt Indian businessman.

Anita, played by Perera, falls for the romantic Lee and decides she wants to be with him, just once, before she enters a loveless marriage for the sake of her father's future. But her designs on Lee do not escape Nikhil (played by Trini-born UK actor Valmike Rampersad), the territorial younger brother of Anita's fiancee, who picks up on the attraction.

When Nikhil learns the true state of the dismal Panchouri finances the family's been hiding, he sets about a plan of revenge that will destroy Anita and her father and crush her chances of true love, a release said.

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