Martian Music Beats “Drum Roll” by Jo Jo @DonIko @JoJo_SASS @FoxFuse

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Trinidad and Tobago-based Martian Music beats its way into the 2015 Trinidad Carnival season with “Drum Roll” by Jo Jo, available worldwide from all major digital retailers on December 29, 2014, with pre-order available now, from FOX FUSE.

Just as it names suggests, this energetic, groovy tune has soca songstress Jo Jo directing listeners on how to make their bumpas roll like a drum, and is laced over drum and bass-driven beats.

Martian Music and hit producer Erikkson Kendel George AKA Don Iko score another party-stopper with “Drum Roll,” propelling both Martian Music and Jo Jo full steam ahead into this carnival season.
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