Mr. Khool Delivers High Energy Performances At Christmas Extravaganza And Sting

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Dancehall artist Mr. Khool is all smiles as fans continue to rave over his performances at the recently held Boom GT’s Christmas Extravaganza and Sting 2014. Mr. Khool was in fine form when he appeared at the annual Christmas Extravaganza stage show which was held at Independence Park in Black River, St. Elizabeth on Christmas night.

The witty deejay had the crowd eating out of the palm of his hands as he delivered songs such as Talk To Mi Alcohol, Mix Liquor and Wucky Wucky. He earned one of the biggest forwards of the night when he freestyled “If GT Taylor waah di venue ram up, him haffi mek di prison truck drive up.” This was followed by a song titled If Kartel Never Deh A Jail, which drew an even bigger response. 

After performing that song Mr. Khool exited the stage, but he was promptly summoned back on stage by the MC as the crowd begged for more. Returning for his encore he delivered the hard hitting Anyone of Them, in which he threw lyrical barbs at a number of other popular deejays including Khago, Gage, Tommy Lee and Ryme Minista, before making his final exit. 

“I always try to give the fans the best performance wherever I go and I am happy that I was able to deliver a good performance for my fans in St. Elizabeth,” said Mr. Khool. The following night Mr. Khool delivered another impressive performance at Sting 2014 inside Jam World in Portmore. 

Introduced on stage around 5 am by MC Nuffy, a confident Mr. Khool strode on stage and proceeded to whip the huge audience into a frenzy with songs such as Wucky Wucky, Talk To Mi Alcohol, If Kartel Never Deh A Jail and Mix Liquor. 

“Sting is a very serious show, you have to be careful how you perform at Sting, especially in the early morning. At that point of the show the people are not in the mood for lame performances, you have to be sharp. This was my third performance on Sting and I always connect with the crowd,” said Mr. Khool.
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