NEW MUSIC: Andrew 'Hitz' Phillip - Ignorant Feat. Blaxx

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"They say we Ignorant, they say we Ignorant, 'doh' call me Ignorant, 'doh' call me Ignorant. They say we Ignorant, they say we Ignorant, if you think i'm Ignorant, I will show you Ignorant. Play Soca lemme wuk, wuk, wuk, wuk, wuk. Give me room lemme jump, jump, jump, jump, jump..."
The age old tale of misunderstood Carnival participants; re-imagined in a call for copious revelry.

Lead Vocals performed by Andrew 'Hitz' Phillip and Blaxx 
Additional Vocals by: Six Four Five
Written, Produced & Mixed by: Andrew 'Hitz' Phillip
Mastered by: Martin 'Mice' Raymond of Champion Sound Studios

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