NEW MUSIC: Baba Shanta - No Regret Trinidad Carnival 2015

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No Regret

Have u ever done something that u wish u hadn't? Passed up an opportunity or missed the time to take a chance? Did u feel like u wish things were different or u should have made a another choice?

Rest assured, and look at things differently, maybe it was just supposed to be that way....like maybe it all happened the way it was supposed to? What I am saying is "LIVE YOUR LIFE" and that is exactly what accomplished singer/songwriter Brent "Baba Shanta" Homer is telling fans and listeners alike.

Over the young and energetic rhythm and melodic bass, produced by Island Jammers, you are engulfed in a beautiful sing along tune where it's addicting message is not only heard but felt loud and clear: To live life with "NO REGRET"; to "LIKE YOURSELF". Seems like the best way to get the most out of your life... So stop dwelling on what it is not or what could have been but just live in the moment... THIS IS THE FETE... Enjoy it!!!!

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