New Music: Rome the Artiste - "Roam" @rometheartiste

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Music should be fun. It should fill you with a vibe and a feeling of enjoyment, wildness and happiness. That is exactly what "Roam" brings. It gives you that euphoric feeling of throwing your hands in the air and simply letting go for the much heralded upcoming Carnival season.

The writers, Emmanuel Rudder and Kit Israel, specifically crafted the lyrics in such a way to be simple, unpredictable and full of excitement. With this blend of creativity and a dash of crazy, you are left not knowing if to run through the crowd or leap into the air in celebration. 

This exciting track is performed by Rome the artiste and was produced by AdvoKit Productions. They invite everyone to dance in the streets, in the Savannah, “by de bar” or pretty much anywhere you feel like this Carnival Monday and Tuesday. So now… all that is left for you to ask yourself is, ARE YOU READY TO "ROAM"!?

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