New Single: BilliBlade - Got To Live

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Florida based Dancehall-Reggae artist, BilliBlade, has done it again. With another wake-up-call type of lyrics, this conscious entertainer hopes this will have the same effect as his previous hit, "Rise Up" ,had on his listeners. BilliBlade is the type of artist who likes to get people thinking and what better way to do that than through music.

When asked about how the lyrics came into being, he stated: "Well, the whole inspiration behind da one yah is, you done know as an artist, somebody wah creative, just get up one day and a hold a meds, me notice everything wah gwaan in a the world yah now: war, terrorism, racial divide and all kinda things like deseases; all of those put together it's like a design wah nuh want people to (survive).

We have to live through all a that so a that everything come from so me just hold a meds and write the lyrics. Dah song yah been written for a while now and me just a voice it and get DJ Snypa build a riddim around it for me and me really like the riddim so then everything just come together and we say a it that, you know." The track was produced by BilliBlade for his label, OrcaMusic Entertainment, with a video in the works to be released early 2015.

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