Ricardo Drue And Destra Garcia Are Speeding Things Up With Airborne

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Ricardo Drue and Destra Garcia are speeding things up as they introduce their Power Soca collaboration; "Airborne."

As Carnival quickly approaches and many list their plan of action to misbehave, being "Airborne" must be added. The time to emerge and embrace all the energy, revelry and excitement is here. The time to let go, let loose and be free is here...BUT...YOU...MUST...DO...MORE; Go "Airborne."  Raise your feet off the ground, reach for the skies and lets take flight!!!!

  1. Being off the ground
  2. Carried through the air
Written by: TailorMade Music, 7th Wing. and Destra Garcia
Produced by: Obanga
Additional Productions by: Precision Productions
Mixed by: Precision Productions
Mastered by: Johann of Madmen Productions

Listen below:

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