#Sting Officially Signs Country Man AKA Gully Bop @ReggaeSting @Gully_Bop

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Country Man one of the most anticipated performances for Magnum Sting 2014

Sting Founder, Isaiah Laing seals the deal with Country Man AKA Gully Bop

If you haven't heard about the new sensation, Country Man, aka Gully Man, then you must be living under a rock. He is the overnight star that has risen to fame via a home video that was found to entertain the masses, and has since gone viral.

He also scored a hit record, Body Specialist, that is currently one of the most popular songs in the dancehall community. It should come as no surprise that the fast-rising entertainer is now confirmed for a major performance at Magnum Sting 2014. Country Man is floating on cloud nine at the thought of being one of the most anticipated acts for this year's show.

"Very proud to be at Magnum Sting this year. Right now, Sting a the biggest thing! Can yuh imagine a little man like a me a guh lift it up?" Gully Man said. "Mi a take it to them. Mi a bring it back the right way. No fight, no war, no taking things personal. Back inna the days a so we do it. Nowadays, dem a come wid different tings, me nuh inna dat."

Country Man said he is about unity and to expect nothing but excitement and amusement. "When me and Ninja Man done wid Jamworld, all the bees them nah go have no wing again. See how Ninja Man bad? Him nuh half bad like me.

See how Ninja Man have tune? A same suh me full a tune. So a me and him a light it up this year," he said. Country Man's contract was finalised with Supreme Promotions this week validating that he is officially a part of the line-up on Boxing day.

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