UPDATE: Flipo & Management Team Slams Toronto Promoter For Slander

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For over 9 years Isaacs Promotion has handled the careers and bookings of many artists within the entertainment field. During this time, we have built wonderful relationships all grounded in respect and professionalism. Currently though, the company's good name is being slandered and we feel that this should be addressed directly.
Earlier this year Flipo, who is represented by Isaacs Promotion, was booked for a performance on October 10th 2014, in Canada by the Royal Family promotion team.

However, on the 30th of September 2014, Royal Family emailed and said a family member was ill and the entire show had to be canceled. At that time, because of the situation it was decided that given the sad and unforeseen nature of the events, Flipo would come to Canada to perform for a Royal Family event at a later date.
During these negotiations Royal Family mentioned that an associate of theirs was also interested in booking Flipo for performances. When that occurred our team stated that under no circumstances would Flipo work for or with that associate.
This was made very clear to Royal Family during talks held on November 12th for the new event, which is to be held on December 12th. Isaacs Promotions also insisted that if this associate were to be a part of the December 12th event, Flipo would not be performing at the event.
Royal Family said that the associate was not a part of the event, but the following day the associate called us to encourage us to have Flipo in Canada at the December 12th event.
This seemed suspicious, since the associate was not supposed to be connected to this event. After some investigations, just as suspected, we discovered that we were being purposefully misled, and the associate was in fact part of the team holding this event. Immediately we let Royal Family know that Flipo would not be at that event, as no one on our team wants to ever work with anyone who is dishonest.
Some time passed and on December 1st it was noticed that Royal Family were still promoting a performance by Flipo on December 12th, and again we emailed them and stated that Flipo would not be there.
In response Royal Family requested that we refund them the funds spent on airfare, hotel accommodation, and Visa fees for Flipo, even though we canceled his appearance for that show in November. When we rightfully refused, Royal Family threatened legal action and started slandering us. Isaacs Promotion has always dealt fairly and honestly with others in business. It is upsetting that after many years and a solid well earned reputation, a few dishonest men have decided to give our team a bad name.
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