Watch: Erphaan Alves "Highest Feeling" [Official Music Video] @NutationRecords @Erphaan

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The music video, directed by Arvinder Rampersad, camerawork and editing  definitely marries some of the highest points in beautiful Trinidad and Tobago, along with the protagonist's love for alcohol! Here you have it, a Rum song with a poetic spin!

Let's all Drink to the #HighestFeeling!! Produced by NutationRecords. Mastered by Platta

Erphaan Alves often encourages fans to support Soca music but it is within this work, "HIGHEST FEELING" where he really unravels how artistes should creatively enhance the worth of soca songs, to stand out globally. 

He believes "Pushing D Soca Global" involves artistes/writers exploring their environment and bringing to life issues within the social fabric. HIGHEST FEELING exploits a social issue flipping it into a festive demeanor. 

The goal; to entice the same wining, waving, singing and jumping without actually overusing such words. The song highlights an individual's use of "Rum" as a medicine to escape their reality of unfavorable relationship matters.

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