Buju Banton Loses Appeal For Retrial On Gun & Drug Charges

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Buju Banton, the Reggae superstar who was arrested in 2009 on drug charges, has suffered another legal setback. Banton was unsuccessful in securing an appeal for retrial for one of the four counts against him after appearing in court this week.
The Reggae artist cannot appeal an order granting him a retrial on one of the three drug convictions against him. Mark Anthony Myrie aka Buju Banton was officially charged in 2009 on conspiracy to trade illegal drug with the intention to distribute, aiding and abetting the use of a telephone to commit a drug trafficking crime, among other charges.

More via Courthouse News:
The court determined the jury foreman in Myrie's case had previously served on juries for criminal cases, took notes about
the case in her car, researched the jury instructions, and informed other jurors about her research.

Myrie went to the federal appeals court in Atlanta to seek retrial on the two other counts of which he was convicted, but a three-judge panel found Wednesday they lack jurisdiction "since the pending charge against Myrie prevents us from hearing
his appeal at this point in the proceedings."

"If we were writing on a clean slate, we would conclude the district court's order granting in part and denying in part Myrie's motion for a new trial finally and irreparably affected Myrie's rights as to Counts 1 and 4 and his convictions on those counts constituted separate cases which were brought to a conclusion by sentencing," the unsigned order states.
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