Konshens Releases New Video Talk Bout It Tomorrow

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Dancehall Superstar Konshens Release Video for "Talk About it Tomorrow". 

Dancehall super star Konshens release a sensual, sexy video for his new single "Talk About it Tomorrow". The single talks about the rough times in relationships, when tempers fly and hurtful words are exchanged yet, Konshens solution is lets talk about it tomorrow and make love tonight.

Konshens dj's about a way to relieve those stresses and stop the argument, why not make love, and stop the fussing, "I wanna free your brain of all your pain and sorrow and lets talk about it tomorrow" say Konshens.

The video taken with very dim lighting is a very sexy yet artistic style video, which shows a couple getting ready to show each other how much they love each other and have no time for arguing tonight.

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