Luni Spark & Electrify - No Mercy [Soca Monarch Semis Performance]

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A Royal Performance like true Kings!

Three time Grenadian Soca Monarch and Road March Kings Luni Spark and Electrify, graced the stage at Queens Park Savannah last Sunday for the Semi Final of the International Soca Monarch like King Leonidas and the Spartans declaring "No Mercy".

A very powerful representation of masqueraders as they display on the road on Carnival Monday and Tuesday. "No Mercy on D Road", as these Grenadian brothers represented the "Spice island" with their masqueraders, dancers and "mokojumbie", making a great impression on stage just like 300 Sparta soldiers.

Take a look at this explosive performance by this Royal Duo and look out for "No Mercy" from this Road March and Soca Monarch contender.

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