Mr. Killa - Panty Dropper [Soca Monarch 2015 Semis Performance]

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Mr. Killa. Deliveries at its best!  One of the most anticipated performance for Carnival 2015 was delivered last Sunday at the Semi Final of the International Soca Monarch, when Mr. Killa dramatically executed his new profession as the "Panty Dropper" at the Queens Park Savannah.

Previously, the title of this 2015 contribution could've been misinterpreted but during this performance, the Grenadian super star made it very clear that for 2015 and beyond, he's now a business man in the business of selling clothes.

With an increase in the demand for female underwear, he decided to provide the service of making deliveries or "dropping panties" to the best accessibility of the customer. Take a look at this electrifying International Soca Monarch Semi Final performance and stay tune for the Panty Dropper at a venue near you.

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