Natty Power Records Presents "Rasberry Riddim" @PowerNatty

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Natty Power Records presents "Rasberry Riddim". The riddim features the sweet sounds of Reggae star Delly Ranx with "Yardie", Khalij "Hope & Dreams", Iam Sweetness "I Am A Survivor", Anthony John "It's Alright", Anthony Oue "Seek Rastafari" and Spectacular with "Watch Over Me" featuring Chezidek. Distributed by 21st Hapilos Digital, "Rasberry Riddim" is available on itunes.  


  1. Delly Ranx – Better Than Yardie
  2. Anthony Que – Seek For The Power
  3. Khalij – Hope And Dreams...
  4. Ian Sweetness – I Am A Survivor
  5. Anthony John – It’s Alright
  6. Spectacular Ft. Chezidek – Watch Over Me
  7. Jahbulani – Take My Hands 
  8. Natty Power Records – Rasberry Riddim Instrumental
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