Nesbeth Featured Interview In United Reggae Magazine

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Nesbeth was recently interview and featured for the popular "United Reggae" online Magazine. United Reggae is an online magazine created in October 2007 and dedicated to reggae music. It has the intention of offering a real international platform of information on this rich and healthy music. Our aim is to promote and spread the inspiring and healing vibrations of Reggae music and culture.
Here is an excerpt: A humble youth from the innercity, a thoughtful person very aware of others around him, conscious that his voice is the voice of many, he is bringing out a rich human experience.His powerful expression as a storyteller, and the way he can still have an inch of humour in the middle of desperate situations, made me feel like meeting him for an interview. What I found quite remarkable about his way to communicate with an interviewer, even before the interview, it is how responding he is, how he is taking any opportunity seriously, and how he is thankful for it.
UR: Do you think that all these places in the innercity, like Arnett Garden or Concrete Jungle or Trenchtown, could become historical places because of their music legend, and be developed in a positive way from that status?

Nesbeth: Yes, I honestly believe so, cause there are many stars coming from the innercity,so there must be something about the soul, the environment, as much as it is known to be tough and hard, but out of the hardest times, we can produce the best of the best.

Read the FULL interview at UnitedReggae

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