New Music: @ataklan - Supa Baddess

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Ataklan's 4th official Carnival 2K15 release 'Supa Baddess' conjures up images of the fierce competitiveness among rival Carnival bands that is orchestrated and displayed on the road during all of the Carnival competitions. 

There is also an internal competitiveness within the band as Carnival crews form amongst long time friends as REPRESENT for their team on the road within their respective bands. 

This song serves as the anthem for that pride and boastfulness that usually accompanies revelers as they proudly display their costumes and dance moves on the road.. 

It contributes to that sense of comradery and belonging that revelers feel with their band mates arm in arm jumping to Soca music charging forward proudly proclaiming 'We are the hardest, maddest, SUPA BADDESS, cyah diss, Carnivalest band on d road!!!'. 

Written by Mark 'Ataklan' Jiminez
Produced by Zvengali
Mixed by Zvengali and Keshav 'Lazabeam' Singh
Mastered by Keshav 'Lazabeam' Singh 

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