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Life is stress. None escape it, not movie stars, neither millionaires, nor kings. But there are those who have discovered that escape is not worth seeking. "Heaven on Earth" is for them, and for those trying to get there. It's a rebuking of negative energies to ensure the swift achievement of goals, manifested musically.

Feel the fusion of Soca and Afrobeat, already so connected by a powerful ancestry, let the drums awaken positive spirits, and chant along with the soulful vocals of Patrice Roberts to deeply affirm the message it brings. "I've been through trials I've been through pain but music it does ease meh brain. It keeps me happy and far away from every kinda negativity.

At this stage ah meh life, have no time for no strife, have no time for no evil, have no time for bad mind". The ability to see "Heaven on Earth" and truly connect with the lyrics will come easily to all of us who have been through life challenges, who have been angry, seen anger come to nothing and realised that success will come when we cast off useless bitterness and experience the world for what it truly can be.

It is how we see it, and what we make it.

Patrice Roberts   Heaven On Earth
Produced by Parliament Music
Written by Problem Child
Mastered by Madman Johan

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