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Precision Productions releases the last riddim for 2015 in Triumph! Like sand skimming through our fingertips, this feting season is slipping past us more quickly than can almost be believed. All too soon the most euphoric week of any year will be here.Spectacularly though, Precision Productions has distilled the intensity and frenzied delirium of this last-lap week to create the team's final riddim for the 2015 season.  

Ready yourselves because it is finally time to raise hands and flags in "Triumph", as the spirits of Mas and Carnival are evoked to their peak essences driving our land to surrender to indescribable mirth. Straight away Nadia Batson sets pure bacchanal into motion seizing the title of "Starter", opening this gateway to unadulterated fun. "Born Ready" to musically fuel the oncoming unforgettable memories, Kes The Band channels an endless supply of vibes, directly to listeners. 

Simultaneously, the Monk Monté says come "Play A Mas", and feel the sheer jubilance thrumming through the air guiding your every move. Destra Garcia wants to push it even further, directing everyone to "Throw Back" waistlines, minds, and attitudes to the golden age of feting, when all anyone required for a good time was a comfortable pair of sneakers. 

In the thick of all this, Kerwin Du Bois is determined to "Use It" before he misses his chance to freely pound that grand Savannah stage. With their original style of instrumentation Alternative Quartet clinches the riddim sealing in the lingering emotions, which awaken when Soca lovers reminisce about, that "Last Time". 

Nadia Batson
Nadia Batson - Starter
Performed by Nadia Batson
Written by Nadia Batson
Additional Vocals by JoJo
Patrice Roberts
Kes The Band - Born Ready
Performed by Kes The Band
Written by Kes The Band & Jovan James of Futuristic Jams
Additional Vocals by Jovan James
Machel Montano
Machel Montano - Play A Mas
Performed by Machel Montano
Written by Stephanas "Steffy" Ramgattie & Akeem "Preedy" Chance of WeMAD & Machel Montano
Additional Vocals by Kit Israel & Karyce Phillips
Destra Garcia
Destra - Throw Back
Performed by Destra Garcia
Written by The Seventh Wing & Destra Garcia
Additional Vocals by I-Bari Davis & Kasey Phillips
Kerwin Du Bois
Kerwin Du Bois - Use It
Performed by Kerwin Du Bois
Written by Kerwin Du Bois
Additional Vocals by Kit Israel
Alternative Quartet
Alternative Quartet - Last Time
Performed by Alternative Quartet
Composed by Andre Donawa
All Songs Co-Written by Kasey Phillips | Produced by Precision Productions | Mastered by Keron "Scratch Master" Hector | Graphic Illustration by DBS Studios
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