Omari Banks Featured In January 2015 Issue Of "Triple The Focus" Magazine

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Multi-talented Reggae Star Omari Banks is being featured on a 2 pages spread (Pages 18-19) in the popular Triple The Focus lifestyle magazine. Triple the Focus is a monthly publication whose primary focus is on Caribbean Music, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Fashion and Travel.

Here is an excerpt from the article:
Contrary to popular belief, Anguillan born Omari Banks is not a professional athlete turned artist, but rather a born star who at the age of five found his calling when he took the stage in Milan, Italy to sing alongside his father Bankie Banx. Along the way, while mastering playing guitar and penning his thoughts to music, Omari became a celebrated athlete. Renowned worldwide, Omari Banks found success as a professional cricket career to eventually return to his first love...music.
When you were a young boy, what was your dream to be as a grown up?
Omari: When I was a boy I had two passions sports and music I wanted to be a pro baseball player until I started to play cricket the age of 8 years when that became the dream. Music was always around me I was always singing with my family and taking part in talent competitions.

Continue reading HERE at Triple The Focus January 2015 Issue.

As Omari Banks single "No Point To Prove" featuring Peetah Morgam is topping the various charts, the star just ended from a successful promotional media tour in Jamaica gearing up for his upcoming album slated for release February 21st, 2015.

TRIPLE the FOCUS - January 2015
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