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Orisha & Alex Faku
International recording artist Orisha Sound is very pleased with the progression of her career. “2014 was one of the best years of my career. I really achieved a lot: I released a number of successful projects and did multiple local and international performances.

One of the biggest highlights of the year for me was performing World War Three with Beenie Man at the Jazz & Blues Festival in Montego Bay,” said the artist.

The Russian born singer also spoke about the warm reception she has received from the Jamaican public since she moved to the island two years ago.  

“I am very happy that the people in Jamaica love my music, they have given me a lot of support and that has helped me to grow so much as international Reggae artist. 

I am very grateful and humbled by all the love I have received in Jamaica.” Orisha Sound is currently promoting her first full length Reggae project called 1 Reggae, which was released last October on iTunes. 

The multi-talented singer and songwriter, who also plays sixteen different musical instruments, was one of the featured acts in the Reggae segment at Sting 2014 on Boxing Day. “Performing at Sting was a wonderful experience; the people gave me a warm reception. I am sure they enjoyed my performance based on the response I received while doing songs such as World War Three, Gimmi Some of That, Rolla Coaster and Sunshine Lady,” said Orisha. 

Orisha Sound is currently busy in the studios working on a project with award winning South African producer Alex Faku. “The project I am working on with Alex is very special; it is the second CD to 1 REGGAE. It is called 1 RIDDIM and will feature 12 brand new tracks done with popular artists from countries in Africa including South Africa, Angola, Ghana, Nigeria and Malawi."
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