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Ladies, does your man “Cater To You”? Men, do you cater to your woman? Valentine’s Day is just around the corner but should it only be celebrated on February 14th?  The questions…and the debate, floods our conversations as the time quickly approaches the so-called “Day of Love”. Razor B adds to the melee by stirring up some controversy with his latest single, “Cater To You”.

The Canadian-based Jamaican Dancehall Entertainer is known for writing lyrics for his female fans. The sexy Scorpio wrote “Cater To You” for the ladies but really aimed at the deadbeat male partners who were not living up to their status as “lover boys” by not giving their female partners the love and attention they deserve.

One fan’s feedback goes: “A man should not have to show me he loves me by buying me roses or treating me to a fancy dinner on Valentine’s Day. He can do so by rubbing my feet at nights when I’ve had a bad day. Or he can take the kids out while I rest at home because I take care of them every day. He can cook for me too. Valentine’s Day should be every day in his book especially if I cater to him every day!”
“I did this song for the women who need the catering and basically as a warning to the men out there who undermine the purpose of a woman in their lives. I have my special woman who I cater for every day so I’m not just writing lyrics to get a hype off of anyone. I live it and she can tell you too. She works really hard to take care of our family and our home so why not repay her with all my love. Every woman deserves that,” says the happily married Artist.

The song hasn't been officially released yet but a select few has heard it and there hasn't been a bad review yet. Supahype and Lizard Hype, well-known Disc Jockeys in Kingston, Jamaica have premiered the track at the popular weekly event, Mojito Mondays on January 19th, 2015 and the response was awesome. Razor B was overwhelmed by the wave of forwards and compliments he received when the song hit the speakers.

The video was shot on location in Kingston, Jamaica and will be up on Razor B’s VEVO page on February 14th, 2015. It will be distributed by Fox Fuse. Upcoming Producers, Jathniel “Jazzyneel” Randall and Shomani “DJ Kitt” Hayles, produced “Cater To You” for their JazzyKitt Music Group label and Razor B’s OG Entertainment. They, alongside Ranjini Cassup, Lesley “LesleyOdyssey” Hayles, Aaron “Bubba” James and Theodore “Patrick” Brown have been working tirelessly to make “Cater To You” an international success and Razor B a household name.

#TeamRazorB can be seen all over social media as they aim to reach the ears of everyone worldwide.

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