Trinidad's Sekon Sta ( @SeKonSta) Stays Close to his Calypso Roots

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Several artistes are enjoying the unexpected success of the Kan Kan Riddim which continues to gather momentum but one artiste on the rhythm was never in any doubt that it would be a hit. Nesta Boxill better known as Sekon Sta felt sure the beat would be a top contender but did not anticipate the magnitude of its popular appeal.

He said this while speaking to the T&T Guardian during an interview at Advokit Studios, Diamond Vale. His song on the rhythm, The Best, has been getting a lot of airplay. "That song came naturally. 

The song is about a girl that has body and personality and is just the best. I just carnivalised it and made it Trinidadian. It's a song written for one but meant for many," Boxill said. The song has received so much attention that he has performed it live all over the country. 

Boxill believes that he was born to be an artiste and revealed that he has been hanging around calypso tents since he was very young. This was mainly because of the influence of his father Dennis Williams Franklyn, better known as Merchant. 

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