Hitech Cavaley Accuses Anthony B Of Ripping Off His Lyrics

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Hitech Cavaley is extremely upset with Anthony B. The US based deejay who is the younger brother of Dancehall star Capleton, is accusing Anthony B of plagiarizing his song titled Blame on You, which was released in 2010.

According to Cavaley, Anthony B has used several lines from Blame on You, in his recently released single titled How do You Sleep.

“I can’t believe what Anthony B has done. He has ripped off the first twelve lines of Blame on You and use it to make his song. When you listen Anthony B’s song and listen to my song, it’s evident that the whole concept of How do You Sleep, is based on my lyrics.  I’m not going to let him get away with this.”
Hitech Cavaley said the matter was brought to his attention by his manager Princess Taylor of Princess Productions who saw the video for How do You Sleep on YouTube and recognized the glaring similarities between both songs.
“My manager was the first person who found out about what Anthony B has done. She saw the video of How do You Sleep and recognized the lyrics from Blame on You, in the punchline of his song and told me about it. When I watched the video I was so shocked. Anthony B is a Rasta Man. How could he do this? Come on man, you’re a big man and you know better Anthony B, you need to do the right thing.

Since the shocking discovery was made Hitech Cavaley and his manager has sought legal counsel and they have given their attorney permission to issue a cease and desist order to Anthony B.

“We have gotten advice from our attorney and we are going to issue a cease and desist order to Anthony B. We want him to pull the song off iTunes and all other music stores. He has to pull the song from the market and cease all promotion of it. We are willing to work things out with him amicable, if not we will have to let the law deal with the matter,” said Miss Taylor.

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