New Music: Serocee Feat Zico - Heart Breaker

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Serocee has gone against February's romantic status quo with new hit tune ‘Heart Breaker’. With Valentine's Day just gone not only does the season of love encourage 2 to become 1, it also evokes the feeling of heartbreak for those who have lost that special someone.

Serocee, featuring emotive, soulful vocals from Zico, captures the spirit of loneliness perfectly with ‘Heart Breaker’. When strong feelings are unrequited and games are played, heartbreak is around the corner. Born in Birmingham, raised in Jamaica and developed in London, Serocee has carefully fused his cultural heritage to create a strong identity in the UK music scene. His ability to navigate seamlessly within Hip Hop, Dancehall, and UK Bass movements, has made him a mainstay talent within the worldwide festival and club circuits, working with the likes of Toddla T and Jus Now.

Born on Valentine's Day, Hylu is the driving force behind the Unit 137 recording studio, sound system and record label, based in South East London; an increasingly crucial hub for new collaborations in Sound System Music. ‘Heart Breaker‘ is a prime example, with Serocee having initially graced the studio for the Ghost Writerz' recording project, and now working with the wider Unit 137 family.

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