Rastafarians Rejoice: Jamaica Finally Decriminalizes Marijuana

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Via Mashable:

Carrying small amounts of ganja — also known as marijuana, pot, weed or cannabis — has been decriminalized in Jamaica under a new law, passed Tuesday.

After much debate, Jamaican lawmakers voted to make possession of small amounts of pot — up to two ounces — a petty offense that would not result in a criminal record. Furthermore, cultivation of five or fewer plants on any premises will be permitted in the country.

To many, the fact that the drug has so far been considered illegal in Jamaica could come as surprise. In the 1930s, the country birthed the Rastafari movement, which considers the smoking of marijuanato be a spiritual act. And though it is still a minor religious movement in the predominantly Christian Jamaica, the country's culture has long been linked to the practice of smoking ganja. Still, until now, ganja was completely illegal in the country, even for medicinal purposes.
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