JahVinci Turns To Music To Overcome Birthday Tragedy

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For many birthdays are considered a time for celebration and merriment, ironically for Dancehall recording artiste Jah Vinci it’s a time of grief and reflection following an unfortunate tragedy a few years ago.

Born February 9th, the singer on several occasions has found himself grappling with the reality of losing his beloved brother Mark Anthony White on that exact day six years ago, after he was gunned down in the vicinity of Cassava Piece by unknown assailants in a case of mistaken identity. Since then Jah Vinci has never celebrated his special day but instead uses the occasion as a memorial for his older sibling.

Though he has never spoken publicly about the incident, the ‘Watch Yuh Friends’ singer has always tried to find various avenues to channel his grief and recently penned a composition titled ‘Where Do Angels Go’ (Nobody Knows) in dedication to this brother. Produced by Triple Dose Productions the somber ballad sees the singer asking the thought provoking question. “So when an innocent life past the ones that get taken away in the dark__ them say things that happen you must not question the Lord but this make me have to ask….Oh God where do angels go when they die?

According to Triple Dose Production (Jah Vinci’s management team) the decision to record the song was based on their belief that it would offer some level of therapeutic solace for the artiste during this reflective period. The song along with an accompanying video is slated for official release this week. The very compelling visuals were shot in Grenada by Grenadian based film company Novo Films who’s accolades includes working on numerous projects with the Grenadian National Museum.

Jah Vinci was in Grenada for the newly shaped Guinness bottle Launch at the Galaxy Night Club in Carenage, St. George’s.
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