Ward 21's Recording Artist @DeeWunn Talks About Canada Tour On Zip Fm!

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"DeeWunn is Jamaica’s popular Rapper, known for being a part of Ward 21’s “Bada Bada Gang”.
Musically, DeeWunn’s unique style brings forward an agile flow that continues to captivate the minds of his listeners. He has mastered the “Yardcore” style (“Yardcore” is a relatively new term to describe a hybrid genre which interchangeably fuses an exotic blend of Hardcore Hip-Hop, Jamaican Patois and the “DJ” / Chanting Style that Dancehall is known and loved for.) BUT! If you had to categorize the artist, you simply couldn’t. He is a “Jamaican Hybrid” as he brings forth his own hybrid sound, creating a different dimension and meaning to the budding genre of “Yardcore”." - www.DeeWunn.com

Known popularly for single "Mek it Bunx Up" featuring co-member of Ward 21's Bada Bada Gang, "Marcy Chin", Jamaican rapper and dancehall artist "DeeWunn" has completed the majority of his eastern Canada tour.

Featured yesterday on two of the Z Info segments and the gossip section of the ZipFM website, DeeWunn talked about the response of crowd at his recent shows, he also mentioned a few collaborations he has been working on since hes been on tour.

DeeWunn closes off his tour February 14th, 2015 at Montreal's downtown venue CIRCUS AFTERHOURS continuing with a media and studio tour shortly after.
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