Artist Pencil Lunatic Shoots Back At Rival DJs With New Single

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Artist Brandon Bailey aka “Pencil Lunatic” sets the record straight with his new single and video “Hells Gate”, a straight shot at artists aiming to undermine his brand. With today's dancehall becoming somewhat of a competitive sport, rival DJs are constantly sparring for their place at the top. With that being said, dancehall is a small arena with few artists competing. Therefore, when Pencil Lunatic was recently met with underhanded jabs by fellow artists Alkaline and Popcaan, he did not hesitate to deliver lyrical shots with his new viral single “Hells Gate”, a response that may have artists thinking twice before calling out the ‘Lunatic’.

When discussing the politics surrounding the release of “Hells Gate,” Lunatic asserts, “It’s one dancehall, so fi dem job to be aware of everything wha gwan around dem.” So when Popcaan came out with “Rup Rup,” and introduced the song with “Wha happen some Lunatic?", one can assume he knows very well who he's calling out. “Mi a defend my brand, the right fi call myself a Lunatic and mi fans fi feel proud fi call demselves Lunatic too, so when an artist tries to style my brand, the movement ago come fi you. Mi a gah bus dem head lyrically!” says Pencil.

In other words, artists who choose to test the ‘Lunatic’ should be ready for a lyrical slaying. His new viral single and video “Hells Gate” does just that, with gritty lyrical delivery aiming back at those taking shots at an artist who is ready and willing to level the playing field.

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