Bounty Killer Endorses Jahdore New Single

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Reggae singer/musician Jahdore is poised to relive and surpass the success he enjoyed a few years ago. The talented Spanish Town native who made a big splash on the local music scene in 2011 with the hit single titled Love Is Over, is back with a bang.

His recently released single titled, Fake People, which was produced by JDMP Records on the IZIZ rhythm, is currently blowing up the local airwaves.

“Fake People is getting a lot of support. I’m happy with the response it’s getting. I have to big up all the DJs and selectors who are playing it,” said Jahdore.

Jahdore recently completed a video shoot for Fake People. The video was shot at various locations in Kingston and Spanish Town, under the direction of popular music video director Asha Mchail.

One of the main highlights of the video is a scene with Jahdore reasoning with Dancehall icon Bounty Killer.

“There’s a line in the song where I say: Now mi know weh Killer feeling when Mavado step weh lef him. So I approached Bounty Killer about appearing in the video and he said yes.”

“Bounty Killer loves the song so he was willing to participate in the video. He has been a big supporter of my career since I released Love is Over, he’s always encouraging me and giving me advice. I really appreciate his support a lot,” Jahdore stated.

Now that the video is completed and ready for release Jahdore plans to use it to increase the promotion on Fake People.

“I plan to use the video to push this song to the next level. I want to take this song all the way to the top of the charts. Everywhere I go people are telling me its hit bound,” said the artiste.
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