Chilando Set To Release 2 New Videos!!

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Dancehall artiste Chilando is set to release videos for his two new singles ‘Long Bamboo’ produced by Falmouth Dynasty Records and ‘Wah Run Road’ produced by ZJ Dymond of Full Chaarge Records. He shared, “Long Bamboo is a song made for the ladies to enjoy themselves while Wah Run Road on the other hand is about me pushing out and making my stamp on the dancehall industry”.
Chilando also explained that the music video for Long Bamboo will feature major dancers such as Dancehall Queen Nikesha, Renee Six Thirty, Swa Twins, Platinum Dolls and Fresh Look Models, featuring all the latest dance moves.
He added, "The video will have historic significance because it will be shot at the Water Wheel in Falmouth". For the single Wah Run Road, Chilando shared, "this video will showcase my journey as an artiste in the streets”.

While he started his music career at a young age he has evolved, teaching himself the art behind creating beats; recording music; basic graphic designs; video editing and even producing several hit singles. One such single that gave Chilando great reviews was ‘Life too Short’ produced by Chimney Records on the Happy Hour Riddim released in January 2015. Wah Run Road and Long Bamboo will be premiered on local and cable stations this month.
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