Dancehall Artistes Corrupting The Soul Of The Nation: Christian Group At Odds With Deejays

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The Youth of Jehova Christian Group have made it clear that they do not support the present movement of dancehall artistes as they expose a level of vulgarity, rank hedonism, glorification of violence and moral depravity that is decaying the local society.

In a release yesterday, the Youths of Jehova called for “the Broadcasting Commission of Jamaica as well as the Ministry of Tourism and Entertainment to play their role in protecting the nation from destructive value systems and music that will harm the children and the moral fabric of the nation”.

The letter makes specific references to incarcerated deejay Vybz Kartel and other dancehall artistes, including Alkaline, Tommy Lee, Furtyle Brain and Rickey Teetz who play an important part in the deterioration of the society’s moral standings. While not advocating a total ban of the artiste’s lyrics, the group is asking the relevant authorities to act to coax and if that fails, force local radio stations to stop playing the music of the “morally depraved”.

“Vybz Kartel has been incarcerated for more than a year, yet his music continues to bombard the airwaves. At the recent Youth View awards, sponsored by prominent corporate entities, his music was celebrated and rewarded even though he is a convicted felon who is accused of committing the act of taking a precious human life. What does that say about our society to celebrate the music of a convicted murderer?” the letter said.

The group made reference to the prevailing environment of “sexual and moral depravity that has eroded basic concepts of respect, dignity, and discipline from our culture”.

“While it is a leap to blame the recent deaths of 14 year-old girls in Negril and St Thomas at the hands of predatory older males on dancehall, one has to admit that the steady diet of vulgarity, crass sentiments and sexually charged music erodes the moral fortitude of the nation,” the letter continued.

Referring to what it claims are “controversial music videos” laced with strong sexual images, including group orgies, auto erotica, lesbian simulation, satanic images and oral sex, the Youths of Jehova said the authorities should put an end to these videos.

“These videos are not edifying or constructive in any way. Last year, a dancehall artiste released a porn video, this year, you have a deejay with the dubious name of Furtyle Brain with goat horns, and another video with a deejay called Rickey Teetz simulating sexual activity in a car. This has to stop,” the release said.

In addition, they also implored artistes to be more patriotic and hold themselves to higher standards and refrain from “corrupting the soul of the nation”.

Via: Loop News Service
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